This occurs where people connect to you as an industry expert in order to convince others that they are interested, conversant or even experts in their own right in that field. This also applies to endorsements. 

Example: software recruiters connecting to practitioners in the software field; similarly with endorsing a recruiter of business analysts as a business analyst themselves. Which a is not true, their expertise is in recruiting or relationship sales. 

Effects: false positive results to specialised searches; noise in the system; wasted time. People looking for recruiters – in this example – can’t actually find them. 


Agile adoption notes

In my new role as a Scrum Master, there are some fun things happening. One of which is that we are trying to move the team from a world of Agile ‘theatre’ to living and working the Agile principles.

Yes, there are technical limitations too – but people use technology so all the CI in the world is no good unless people understand the work and design it Agile to enter the CI sausage machine… (IMHO)